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UISCE, pronounced "ishka," is an acronym from the Irish word for water, and stands for "Understanding Ireland: Socially, Culturally & Economically."

It is our platform to help you experience and understand Ireland.



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Peace Studies

Peace Studies offers three pograms: UISCE East, UISCE West, and UISCE Scholars.  Participants are provided with opportunities to explore and develop their understanding of the historic and contemporary context to conflict in Ireland, especially with regard to resistances to peace and how transformation is brought about.  Insights gained are considered for application in other global contexts.  UISCE East & West suit emerging leaders; and UISCE Scholar, those seeking more in-depth understanding of a specific area.


Educational Tours

UISCE offers tours for second and third level students in number of fields: Irish history, Irish literature, archeology, geology & geography and performing arts.  They are seldom "classroom-based" and strive to make the most use of the surrounding outstanding environment, benefitting from the insights of local expertise.  UISCE's educational tours are designed to engage specific academic interests and work within defined budgets.  They can last from a long-weekend to 3 weeks or semester-long Study Abroad programs.  

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Recreational Tours

Ireland is popular destination for a variety of recreational pursuits: for families and groups; from cultural to activity-based tours, such as world-class golf, surfing, hill-walking and equestrian trail-riding. In close consultation with group leaders, UISCE will tailor-make a tour to suit personal expectations and preferences and assemble all that is necessary to suit specified budgets.