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ABOUT UISCE:  In 1963 President Kennedy, addressing the Irish Parliament, Dail Eireann, said of the people of Ireland: “I sincerely believe that your future is as promising as your past is proud, and that your destiny lies not as a peaceful island in a sea of troubles, but as a maker and shaper of world peace.” 

UISCE, the Gaelic word for water, pronounced "ishka", is an acronym for Understanding Ireland, Socially, Culturally and Economically. Ireland continues to grapple with change. Its history offers much from which we can learn: From the trauma of violence between security forces and paramilitaries; to the world’s fastest growing economy, followed by near collapse; and sectarianism that persists in dividing communities even in the midst of a peace process.

UISCE offers a variety of educational programs; literature, history, performing arts etc.  The main focus is on peace studies, and especially the UISCE Leaders program.  It engages emerging leaders with community and political activists “on-the-ground.” We also offer programs for under and post grad scholars, to research specific subjects, such as the extent to which Irish school students engage with the Peace Process, as well as programs for interns and volunteers seeking more experience. 

Your donation to UISCE helps to fund the accommodations, travel expenses, and educational services associated with our programmes.  We avail of substantial volunteer assistance.

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