UISCE Volunteers, interns & Scholars programs

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Volunteers & Interns

For years, volunteers have come from all over the world to participate in our volunteer programme.  This is an excellent opportunity for people from diverse international backgrounds to engage with, and grow in their understanding of, Irish history, society and culture. 

Volunteers, based in Manorhamilton, County Leitrim, participate in a wide range of activities from historical research, social study, promotions, helping neighbors, community outreach and much more.  We have a particular focus on peace and conflict studies, including the peace process; community development; and community outreach; the latter being in participation with organisations such as local churches and community organsiations.

To be considered for a volunteer position, please download, fill out, and submit the form to info@uisce.org.


UISCE Scholars

UISCE also welcomes scholars who wish to conduct specific research that focuses on Peace & Conflict Studies. For example, one UISCE scholar has researched how Irish secondary schools engage with the Peace process.  Another might research cultural learning opportunities for Asians  wanting to understand Irish and Western culture. 

To make an initial inquiry, please download, fill out, and submit the form below to info@uisce.org.