What is the vision of UISCE?

"To understand our story, how it connects with today and equips us to purposefully shape tomorrow."

UISCE is based in Ireland, which is an especially scenic island that has many beautiful landscapes and scenery, and a rich history and culture. Ireland offers much to explore and enjoy and from which we can learn; from pre-Christian, through early-Christian periods to the present day.  It also posses an often turbulent history that comprises seemingly intractable conflict.

However challenging, change is possible. 

Similar to the way that water interacts with resistant obstacles and can, over time, transform landscapes, a central value of UISCE is a willingness to engage with challenging obstacles, or “resistance”, confident that the obstacle, possessing its own integrity, is, in fact, a resource to achieve transformation and from which a new landscape can emerge.

UISCE has a particular interest in sensitively and creatively exploring resistances within the Irish peace process to help with the building of peace. 

When a person or organisation sets out to achieve an objective it often can encounter opposition or “resistance”. The response to such resistance usually follows one of two routes, viz. “fight” or “flight”. In other words, the resistance encountered will either be opposed or avoided.  UISCE encourages a third response, that of creative and sensitive exploration of the resistance as a transformative resource, as described in the following statement, "Transforming Resistance*:

Transforming Resistance:  "Resistance is often perceived as a negative.  However, resistances are co-created by the System and it's participants: To create space for, and to protect the integrity of sub-systems, roles and person.  As such, resistance is often an untapped resource and should therefore not be opposed by rejection, but rather sensitively and creatively explored as a transformative dynamic".

*An outcome of the Grubb UK Conference 2011 .