UISCE Leadership Program

The UISCE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is a 10 day leadership development program based in the Northern half of Ireland.  It is a comprehensive peace studies tour that draws upon the wealth of Irish history and engages with community activists "on the ground" from all sides of politics and society.

UISCE provides opportunities for emerging leaders to explore - sensitively, creatively and as a transformative dynamic - the concept of "resistance" or the challenges that leadership experiences when engaging with change processes.

"Resistance" is often perceived as a negative factor. However, "resistances" are co-created by the system in which which we function, and its participants, to create space for, and to protect the integrity of sub-systems, roles and person.  As such, resistance is often an untapped resource, and should therefore not be opposed by rejection but rather sensitively and creatively explored as a transformative dynamic."


Participants in the UISCE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM will:

  • Establish an in-depth understanding of the social, cultural, and economic dynamics that effect change within Ireland.
  • Sensitively and creatively explore the application of change dynamics in contexts that are personally relevant, appropriate and challenging.
  • Discover how people who exercise leadership engage with the challenges and dynamics of resistance and explore what brings about degrees of effectiveness and integrity.
  • Explore how you, individually and within groups, respond to and engage with the challenges of leadership, change and resistance.
  • Develop an experiential understanding of the dynamics of change processes.



Applications are invited from two sectors:

1. Emerging young leaders from diverse backgrounds across Ireland, the EU and US. This includes students from the whole spectrum of educational establishments, as well as young people from all areas of social and economic hardship, ethnic diversity - and similarly within Ireland - Protestant and Catholic, Loyalist and Republican, Unionist and Nationalist communities.

2. Teachers, faculty and leaders of youth organizations who wish to engage with UISCE as a means of academic enrichment.

the learning method

With a focus on learning from “here and now” experiences, UISCE will create opportunities for participants to connect with the dynamics of leadership and resistance to leadership evident at key stages in Ireland’s history, in particular within the current “peace process”. Learning will be supported through four streams:

1. The Tour Program includes task-focused site visits. Participants will immerse themselves in the historical context of change and conflict in Ireland, connecting people and place.

2. Systems-based Conference Workshops provide opportunity for participants to explore group dynamics and their personal “here-and-now” experience.

3. The Recreation Program allows participants to process their experiences in a relaxed, interactive manner.

4. Reflective Learning is facilitated through written and video journals, and on-line blogs. Participants will engage as individuals, in small and large groups, and in plenary sessions. Throughout the program, they will have access to, and input from, a panel of consultants experienced in group dynamics and change processes.

Fees and dates

What's included in the UISCE Leadership Program?

  • Full accommodation, breakfast and dinner included. Groups should bring pocket money for lunch as most are taken while on the road.
  • All transportation (excluding transport to and from Ireland)
  • All tuition, access to museums, visitor centers and other venues

Dates:  As preferred by each group   Fees: Fees are dependent upon the number of people per group.  

Discounts are available for groups over five people.  

A 25% non-refundable booking deposit is required at time of booking. Payment can be taken by credit card (subject to fees) or by bank transfer. 

Fees can be paid through UISCE's installment plan which allows you to make payments at your convenience.  Please email info@uisce.org for information.


UISCE provides a limited number of means-assessed scholarships. Contact info@uisce.org for a Scholarship Application Pack. 

UISCE welcomes donations to help provide scholarships for participants experiencing financial hardship.



have you any questions?

If you have questions about UISCE or want to learn how you can enroll in the next program, please email info@uisce.org.