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About Peace Studies


UISCE’s primary focus is understanding and tapping into the challenges that affect cross-border and cross-community relations in Ireland. In 2016, UISCE Leaders, a program for emerging leaders, was launched that focuses on the challenges within the Irish peace process.


UISCE’s Peace Studies provides a context to understand our individual and collective stories and how they connect with today, to equip us to purposefully shape tomorrow.


Ireland is an especially scenic island, possessing beautiful landscapes and a rich history. It offers much we can explore and enjoy and from which we can learn; from pre-Christian, through early-Christian periods right up to the present day; a vibrant culture and often turbulent history that comprises seemingly intractable conflict.

When a person or organization sets out to achieve an objective it often can encounter opposition or “resistance.” The response usually follows one of two routes, viz. “fight” or “flight”. In other words, the challenges or resistances encountered will either be opposed or avoided.  Yet, in the same way that water can transform the greatest obstacle, a central perspective of UISCE is the question of how we engage with such “resistance.”

UISCE holds that there is a third response, namely, to creatively and sensitively explore the resistance, to understand it, to identify what it might contain, and to work with it for the common good, to radically transform an apparently intractable situation.  UISCE helps create this third response by providing participants with opportunities to engage in in-depth, open dialogue with the full spectrum off representation around the peace process.

In recognizing that Irish history has been profoundly influenced by Christian faith throughout the centuries, UISCE's Peace Studies programs also acknowledges and studies these different themes in a scholarly, open, perspective, to apply it to today.



Peace Studies Programs


Based on Ireland’s East coast, covering Dublin to Belfast

  • 7 days
  • €1,200-€2,000/person


Based on Ireland's West coast, covering L’Derry to Enniskillen and Sligo/Leitrim

  • 10 days
  • €1,500-€2,200/person

UISCE Scholars

Opportunities for students who wish to research aspects of the conflict and peace process

  • Flexible duration
  • Variable price