uisce terms & Conditions

UISCE [The Operator] & [The Client]

Operator's considerations

(a)   The Operator and its agents reserve the right to vary tours, routes or programmes in response to circumstances which The Operator deems necessary.

(b)   The Operator will endeavour, where any change is required, to include a comparable alternative.

(c)    The Operator reserves the right to apply special conditions to any part of the itinerary which will allow for the better delivery of a tour programme or the safety of tour members, at the operators discretion. 

(d)   The Operator and its agents reserve the right to refuse entry to its vehicles without liability for consequential loss if any client member is deemed incapable or unwilling to behave appropriately. 

(e)   The Operator accepts no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to persons or effects on or near vehicles or on any activity performed as part of the tour programme, nor liability for activities undertaken by group members, nor liability for traffic delays, mechanical breakdowns, force majeur or consequential loss. 

(f)    The Operator reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and will give at least 5 days notice to any party.

(g)   Photographs taken by UISCE remain property of UISCE.  Participants must confirm in writing if [s]he does not consent to her/his photograph being used in UISCE publicity.

Participant's considerations

Participants are required to

(a)   Ensure, before signing this agreement, that the programme in its entirety is appropriate to his/her physical abilities and interests.

(b)   Inform The Operator at booking, prior to the commencement of the programme, of any medical or dietary conditions that may have bearing on passenger comfort or safety.

(c)    Sign the participants agreement [and release form if under 18 years] and to be give to The Operator when paying the balance of fees. 

Payments and Refunds

(a)   The cost of the programme is € based per person.  Scholarships awarded by or through UISCE are deducted at source. 

(b)    3 faculty.  The price for increased number is as shown on the itinerary. 

(c)    The cost includes accommodation, meals, coach hire with driver/guide, entrance fees to visitor centres and tours, theatre performance and airport transfers by coach as per the itinerary.  Normally two meals each day are provided, unless otherwise stated.  The third meal is the participants’ responsibility. 

(d)   A non-refundable booking deposit is required, as per invoice.

(e)   Full payment is required no less than 10 weeks before arrival in Ireland unless agreed in advance and conformed in writing.

(f)    No refund is provided for cancellations with less than 10 weeks notice. 

(g)   25% refund of the invoice is provided for cancellations more than 10 weeks in advance.

(h)   The invoice is in Euro and the operator is not liable for any currency fluctuations.

(i)     Payment is to be made by SAME DAY bank electronic transfer to the account stated on the most recent invoice / statement.  Cheques or bank drafts are not accepted.

(j)     Costs incurred for services purchased [eg laundry, room service etc] by the group or individual members of the group that are not settled before departure shall be invoiced directly to the group leader, who accepts liability for such charges.