UISCE's Objectives


We make it easy for people to visit, experience and learn from Ireland


We assist client groups from the following sectors:

  • Education: Schools, colleges and universities;
  • Social: Families and social networks
  • Religious: Churches and religious organisations;
  • Recreation:  Such as golfing societies, hillwalking clubs, anglers, equestrian and motorbike clubs.


We make the group leader's job much easier by taking care of work "on the Irish side".  This frees the leader to focus on recruitment and domestic/in-house tasks that only he or she can address.



We identify the "best match" tour or program with available resources.  We take care of itinerary, design, and bookings, as well as accommodation, transport, local tuition, and recreational resources.



We make available publications, online and hard copy, that enhance the client's experience of Ireland



We conduct research into issues pertaining to the Irish peace process that assist broader engagement in the process.