Lucy & Kenya

I am a heading to Nairobi, Kenya at the end of this month for 6 weeks to learn more about life in the slums and the demand for clean water. For two weeks I will volunteer with Jengana, a charity that works in the heart of Nairobi's slums [see]. I will visit mothers and children in the slums, where 1 million people live in 4 sq km!  - That’s like 1 MILLION people living in tin shacks with no clean water or decent sewage systems in  an area a little larger than my local town, Manorhamilton, which has a population of 1,500!!


I will help with street feeding at night; Kipepeo Children’s Home and rehabilitation homes for street boys. After two weeks I will travel with Sean, my Kenyan friend and his family. While I am in Kenya I will start research into how we, from Sligo and Leitrim, might help people in Kenya’s slums get clean water – a project I might take forward through and Glencar Water.



For vaccines, flights, visa, travel insurance, pocket money, gifts to slum children, Jengana fee, Gift to Jengana mission [€500 - €1000], emergency reserve.

Total                                                                 €3525 - €4025 [€500 additional to meet mission gift goal]



Savings I've allocated to Kenya                    €  540

My next pay cheque                                     €  500 - yet to arrive!

Donations received or pledged so far           €1585

Loan from a friend to cover flights                 €1000 - to be repaid before 30 June

Balance to meet mission gift goal                  €  400

Total Balance needed to repay loan      €1400 - needed before 30 June!


Amazingly, in just 3 days, friends have provided €2585 and now, in the next 2 weeks, I need to raise €1400.

I am so encouraged and so grateful for such generosity!    

This is an exciting and challenging project for me, both with regard to fund-raising in such a short time period and the work I will be doing in the slums.  Also, the research I will do will help the UISCE Water project get off the ground.  I will be really encouraged and grateful if you can help me raise the final funds needed so that all the budget can be covered.

Thank you!  - Lucy McNair