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Irish History Tours

The history tours generally include the area north of Dublin-Galway. Tours can be focused on any specific time period within Ireland’s history (6,000 BC to present day) that the school’s curriculum may require, or briefly provide an overview of Irish history.  Students’ understanding will be enriched far beyond the capabilities of a classroom setting as Ireland is used as an open-air classroom to tangibly understand and engage with social and economic Irish history. Students will be involved in a high level of interaction with local historians, as the significance of place is appreciated and valued, to understand how history shapes the subsequent generations. Tours will include a recreational element and opportunities to experience Irish culture.

Itineraries can be adjusted to accommodate particular interests. UISCE organizes all accommodation, transportation, food, and tuition.


Program Details

  • Duration: Generally 7-14 days
  • Price: €1,200-€2,500/person