Irish Literature Tours

This tour uses Ireland as an open-air classroom to see famous literature in application. Students will meet with literary experts, enthusiasts, and renowned Irish writers in sessions tailored towards the school’s curriculum. With a hands-on approach to learning, the students’ understanding will be enriched far beyond the capabilities of a classroom setting as they engage with the culture and connect people and places with their corresponding literature.

This tour often includes:

  • Dublin: James Joyce and Oscar Wilde

  • Sligo and Galway: W.B. Yeates and Lady Gregory

  • The Aran Islands: John Synge

  • Belfast: C.S. Lewis and Samuel Beckett

  • Derry: Seamus Heaney

  • Enniskillen: Oscar Wilde

Tours will include a recreational element and opportunities to experience Irish culture.

Itineraries can be adjusted to accommodate particular interests. UISCE organizes all accommodation, transportation, food, and tuition.

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Program Details

  • Duration: Generally 7-14 days
  • Price: €1,200-€2,500/person