What is the history of UISCE?,

UISCE is the draws together many years work. Since 1980s to the present, UISCE’s founder,

Keith McNair, has been involved in delivering and managing a variety of Irish-based, tourism, community development,

cross-border and cross-community programmes, focussed mostly on young people.

In 1999 he established Discover Sligo as a day-tour and marketing organisation, which also led, in 2001, to

him providing bespoke, charter, all-Ireland educational and recreational group tours.

In 2003, he first published the Discover Sligo magazine, which has become the high-quality “coffee-table”

guide to County Sligo’s tourism, history and recreation; and will soon include North Leitrim in its brief.

Other publications will follow, including a research paper by Jason Gappa, into how Irish Secondary schools

engage with the Peace Process.

Keith’s primary interest is in understanding and taping into the challenges that affect cross-border and

cross-community relations. This led, in 2016, to him adding a special peace studies programme for

emerging leaders, called UISCE Leaders that focuses on the challenges within the peace process. Today,

UISCE offers three peace-studies programmes:

1. UISCE 1, based largely on Ireland’s East coast, covering Dublin to Belfast;

2. UISCE 2, on the West coast, covering L’Derry to Enniskillen and Sligo/Leitrim; and

3. UISCE Scholars, being opportunities for students who wish to research aspects of the conflict and

peace process.