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Discover Sligo & North's Leitrim magazine aims to be "the Rolls-Royce guide to Sligo". Packed with useful local information, advice & guides - these combine with fascinating & insightful articles that will enrich your understanding of one of the world's most historic cultural landscapes. 

Each year Discover Sligo & North's Leitrim contains a special retrospective feature looking back at one of the highlights of the previous year in the life of Sligo and it's county. For our latest edition we focus on the hugely significant celebrations of W.B. Yeats' 150th birthday in 2015. We explore "Yeats Country" and his work as a poet, politician and dramatist. Leading authorities from diverse perspectives debate Yeats' role as "A Father of the Republic". 

Our next edition will feature how Sligo has commemorated the outbreak of the First World War in 1916 including how its people were affected by The Battle of the Somme.

Discover Sligo & North's Leitrim magazine is a high quality 'coffee table' publication with over 140 pages of informative and enjoyable features, superb photography, trip & visit ideas and loads of useful information & maps to guide you in and around Sligo, North's Leitrim and the surrounding area.

An enlightening guide to Sligo & North's Leitrim, it makes a wonderful souvenir or even an ideal gift to send to family or friends overseas or elsewhere in Ireland. 

Order your copy on-line here today for just €10 plus p&p.  World-wide delivery is €5.  Why not send a copy to a friend or family member who might like to visit Sligo this year?  Discover Sligo magazine will more than whet their appetite!

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