Few weeks ago, we published a post with a bit of information of who Yeats was. Now, we want to explain his influence and historic context in the emergent Irish Republic.  To explore this, three historians contribute different perspectives.

The first, TCD nominated Senator, David Norris said about 1916 that “Yeats said that he had “no hope of seeing Ireland united in his time”, partition was caused in the first place by 1916!” For Norris, the State has grown up considerably since Yeat’s time, and Easter Rising was only the beginning

The second guest is Gordon Lucy, a former chairperson of the Ulster Society and currently Deputy Master of Loyal Orange lodge 688 whose remit is to promote the Christian heritage of St. Patrick. Lucy reflects on the influence of the literature during 20th century, including Yeats and other poets and writers.  Lucy agrees with T.S Eliot: “One of those few whose history is the history of their own time, who are a part of the consciousness of an age which cannot be understood without them”, emphasising the importance of Yeats in Irish’s history.

The third guest is Paddy McMenamin, an examiner with State Exam Commission. Paddy studied Yeats´ poetry during school and found it an important inspiration in his republican activities.  “He embodied a feeling of identity that we were denied in an unreconstructed sectarian statelet.”

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