Hello everyone! Did you know that Sligo the richest areas in Europe for megalithic Stone Age sites? Some data points to evidence of social activity in Sligo for 10,000 years – as far back as 8,000 B.C!

During the last century, archaeologists from different countries came to study Carrowmore near Knocknarea.  This area has over 60 tombs and there is also a small exhibition centre. As Sligo´s most important site it represents the largest collection of megalithic tombs in Europe. Carrowmore is one of dozens of megalithic archaeological sites in Sligo. In 1939 a group of archaeologists began to explore the area of Creevykeel. There they found a Court Cairn contending a large gallery and three subsidiary chambers.

After visiting Carrowmore, the spectacular sight of Maeve’s Cairn atop Knocknarea is without doubt the place that you cannot miss! According to legend, this cairn is said to be the burial place of Queen of Connacht. It is considered bad luck to take a stone from the cairn but, if you bring a stone with you and add to the cairn… you will have good luck!

Read more about this remarkable period in history in “Discover Sligo Magazine”. Order your copy.


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