What are the current activities of UISCE?

1. “Off-the-shelf” or bespoke educational tours for students and faculty from secondary schools /

high schools, colleges and universities, as well as community, cultural and theological organisations;

with particular focus on literature, history, performing arts and study abroad programmes.

2. Recreational and cultural tours for the members of any group or organisation interested in

discovering more about Ireland. This can include groups such as families, social organisations, golf tours

or even choral tours.

3. Peace studies programmes:

-UISCE 1, a 6-day East of Ireland peace studies and leadership development programme


UISCE 2, a 10-day West of Ireland peace studies and leadership development programme


UISCE 3, a month-long research peace studies programme.

1. Publications, specifically the Discover Sligo magazine, Discover Sligo website and social media.

2. Volunteer and scholarship programmes for under-graduates, post-graduates and other adults to

research components relating to Ireland’s peace process as well as local history.

3. TheTown House B&B , Manorhamilton, which is an ideal base from which to discover the

northwest of Ireland, with expert assistance from UISCE founder, Keith McNair and other UISCE faculty.

4. Engagement with strategic cross-border and cross-community projects such as Leitrim County

Council Peace Partnership, The proposed Sligo-Leitrim-Enniskillen Greenway.